This story about extreme live streaming, boiled down, in 1:32 minutes.

What’s the fuss?

For an entire month straight, popular Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren live streamed himself in front of tens of thousands. You may think this was a foolhardy exercise, but it’s a fantastic case study of what entertainment means for a new generation.

The situation

Twitch is a platform where users can watch live broadcasts of people streaming themselves playing video games, cooking, making music, chilling in hot tubs, and a variety of other activities. Fans can pay for a subscription to their favorite creators which gives them a levy of benefits specific to that creator.

On March 14th, Ludwig started what’s called a…

This story about playing games with your mind, boiled down, in 1:50 minutes.

What’s the fuss?

Pacer the monkey has implants in his brain that allows him to play Pong with only the power of his mind. Such technology could revolutionize gaming beyond our wildest dreams.

The situation

In 1964’s The X-Men #7, comic book fans were introduced to Cerebro for the first time. With this device, Professor Charles Xavier could amplify his telepathic abilities to detect fellow mutants on a worldwide level. Although Elon Musk’s Neuralink is nowhere near this dramatic, the brain-machine interfaces they are developing (for humans) has some real futuristic potential in how we control technology.

A video from Neuralink shows the 9-year old…

The host of The Tonight Show became the host of a Twitch show

The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon recently traded in his desk chair for a gaming chair as he hosted a live session of Among Us with his band and some other famous guests, potentially signaling how threatening game streaming is to mainstream media.

Increased screen time from children during the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about concerns, such as heightened despondency and addiction. It certainly can bring feelings of uneasiness when your child is spending his free time on his Xbox and phone instead of being physically outside like they were pre-pandemic.

With COVID-19 raging for roughly a year now, the use of technology has increased for children and adults alike. Children specifically must grapple with the transition of being face-to-face in person to being face-to-face behind a screen.

According to some scientists, this is leading children down “an increasingly slippery path into an…

This story about loot boxes and at-risk problem gamblers, boiled down, in 1:43 minutes.

What’s the fuss?

New research suggests that loot box mechanics in video games are psychologically connected to unhealthy gambling habits in children.

The situation

Loot boxes are essentially the virtual equivalent of capsule-toy vending machines where players pay real world money in exchange for a randomized selection of virtual items, or “loot”, that are usually cosmetic in nature. These digital surprises proved lucrative, with some developers reporting upwards of 50% of their entire revenue directly attributable to these microtransactions, leading to their widespread adoption.

A study by researchers at the University of Plymouth and the University of Wolverhampton concluded that loot boxes are “structurally and…

This story about female esports, boiled down, in 1:16 minutes.

What’s the fuss?

Valorant, a free-to-play competitive shooter, hosted a major all-female tournament that boasted impressive viewership numbers. The future of female pro gaming is bright.

The situation

Valorant is a highly competitive game where all of its players are striving to get the best rank as possible by simply winning games. Easy to play but extremely hard to master, only the best of the best are able to reach the professional level. With a strong female player base, Valorant is doing its part to help grow the female esports scene.

Titled VCT Game Changers, the initiative encourages women and “minority gender” gamers to get…

What is it and why does it happen?

The pandemic has forced the lot of us to reside within the confines of our homes, resulting in children and adults alike turning to video games as an escape from the new normal. Despite video game consumption skyrocketing to unprecedented levels, there are some factors to consider before labeling increased playtime as a byproduct of addiction.

The situation

Video game addiction has always been a hot topic, even being recognized as an official disorder by the World Health Organization. Many individuals, including professors and self-proclaimed experts, liken this level of obsession to a drug and/or alcohol dependency.

Dopamine is a natural chemical…

What gamers are talking about, boiled down, in 1:31 minutes.

What’s being boiled down today?

Despite losing the exclusive rights to make video games based on the Star Wars franchise, the massive game developer Electronic Arts (EA) is not ready to call the relationship quits just yet.

Please, don’t go…

Credit: PCGamesN

What gamers are talking about, boiled down, in 1:49 minutes.

What’s being boiled down today?

Resident Evil: Village, the upcoming entry in the horror video game franchise Resident Evil, is supposed to be the scariest game in the series. However, the Internet seems to be having other feelings, specifically towards one of the antagonists, other than fright.

A scary castle that you actually might not want to leave

Credit: Tesla

What gamers are talking about, boiled down, in 2:07 minutes.

What’s being boiled down today?

Tesla, the billion-dollar electric car company, divulged some details on their new Model S coming out in March, including some impressive gaming capabilities.

True gaming on the go

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